Elaine Woo MacGregor & Louise Schmid
26th Sept - 6th November

Heterotopia is an exhibition of new works by Glasgow based artists Louise Schmid and Elaine Woo MacGregor.

This show brings together two artists who have completed several residencies and traveled extensively in similar zones. Both artists come from different backgrounds in terms of cultural identity, professional training, age, language and nationality.
In the past year, they have both been creating new work at their Dovehill Studios in Glasgow, using experiences from their travel as a rich source of inspiration.

In the summer of 2007, Schmid travelled by Trans-Siberian -Mongolian-Manchurian railway to northern China. This January, she showed her work titled "Eurasian capsule" at Esther Hufschmid Gallery in Zurich.
In March 2008, MacGregor was the Artist in Residence in the Academy of Fine Art in Guiyang, China. Throughout this period, she worked with students and settlements of different Chinese ethnic minority groups in Guizhou province, southwest China. For MacGregor, it was a journey of rediscovering aspects of her Chinese heritage.